Thanks for stopping by – make yr’sen comfy. Here’s a brew …. and the gen …. 

My Beltane Soundtrack for 2020 will be SABBEY ROAD. It’s a long story. But I have crunched it to approx. 300 words below. 

“Brutalized environments produce incredible art as the populations reach for whatever is available to articulate and escape the inequalities that bind them” (AN Arts Administrator, Birmingham 2012). 

“The thing about people who live in a shit hole is they don’t understand they live in a shit hole until they leave” (Lisa Meyer, Home of Metal 2011). 

“What you have done and the way you have done it …. is breath taking” (Justin Wiggan, Roadside Picnic 2020).

SABBEY ROAD IS A COLLECTION OF SONGS …. that can be presented as an opera. neudivisionlineoop

The title references a location in Birmingham UK that is significant in the Black Sabbath creation myth. Other locations, incidents and vibes relevant in the early Black Sabbath story can also be found in the lyrics, moods and melodies of SABBEY ROAD. 

START – CROSSROADS OF SABBATH – Where, What and Why …. ? (Spoken word) 

PROLOGUE – REVERSE KARAOKE – the voice of Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth/BodyHead)  (electric guitar and poetry) 


ACT ONE – THE HEAVY METAL SHRINES – describes locations in Aston relevant to the Black Sabbath story. (Stooges wha pop riffs) 

ACT TWO – KATASTOPHY LAWYERS AT SEA – the music business as a stinking hell hole (Velvets Pop). IMG0121A

INTERMISSION – For mingles, pringles and maybe one or two sringles from the singles.  

ACT THREE – GROOVE AND LAY DOWN – a heavy draught of rhythm and mayhem (Sabbathdelic)

THE END – Home, safe. 

SABBEY ROAD is free – traffic flows both ways. It’s an adventure. Savage, unpredictable but ultimately true.  

Available to stream on soundcloud – 

Condition BlueAll compositions by Robert Horrocks except 0ne trad arras and an adaptation of The Summer Lane Song (Berry/Gines) and Kim Gordons poem in Reverse Karaoke.

Yours sincerely
The Indie Plumber 01.05.2020
Owner of the finest asbestos underpants in the Midlands 

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