WALLS HAVE EARS – TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND (Mule Satellite Recordings) OUT NOWWalls Have ears Cover

Here within is an important message.

Important enough for those who seek to send it to spend 30 years working on a project called Transglobal Underground. Idiosyncratic is a word that features in the very first line of the press notes that accompany this release and there is a temptation to reprint the whole thing as it captures everything you need to know about Transglobal Underground.

And with a deadline loaming and the realisation that I prefer to read the artists (or their appointed agents) words rather than tear my hair out trying to think of new ones that temptation is one I shall succumb to. But before I do let me share a rumour. Something I may have heard or may have read or may have made up.

“In 1994 – Nation Records, who released the debut from TGU sold more records than another British independent label.” They had quite the roster and those bands worked very hard. But is that statement a wishful figment of my imagination or did I really hear, read or see it somewhere along the Britpop battle lines? I being one who gasped at the grip the nation had from the likes of Oasis. That’s enough of my ideas and message. Here is theirs ….

“Once the city was a joyful noise, one big random pirate radio playing random music from random cultures making random connections across lines of history, genre and lifestyle. The rules weren’t being broken, they’d simply disappeared and the growth of sampling, electronica and dance culture invited a future full of possibility. Now that future has arrived and turns out it’s a bleak forest of red crane lights. What isn’t burned down is sold off and replaced, and a new city, designed to streamline and neuter any creativity, builds walls to keep out it’s own inhabitants. So, in reaction, you keep shining your own light. You keep following your own path. You keep it funky. And, when the walls are put up, you listen to the walls until the walls listen back”.

An official image should put you future in the picture of their world.


And just to close by adding that – THEY’VE STILL GOT IT.

11++ out of 10.

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