Das Cuidad Sin Music

Das Cuidad Sin Music is a five opera cycle which tells the long lost love story of a journey to the heart of, and back from the pit under the capsule via a secret history of Birmingham music and considerations for the future.1558309279501

Sabbey Road – A Savage Advent

Curating the Curators – Kaprow Said

Real Ale & A False Start – A Tale Of Two AMPS

The Very Late Show Biz Show – Zero commercial potential

On ‘T Road ‘T Sabbey Road – The Indie Plumber Goes to …. Texas


Sabbey Road  will  be  released on 3rd December 2019  with  an  accompanying  single.1562593062423

Curating The Curators is largely instrumental and is intended for release on 3rd December 2020.1562593220432

Real Ale & A False Start was broadcast as Real Ale & False Starts on Resonance 104.4fm in June 2006.1562593304833

The Very Late Show Biz Show  is on Youtube with images as Zero Commercial Potential and on soundcloud with the same title but cut slightly differently: images on radio being so much finer.1562593783866

OOn ‘T Road ‘T Sabbey Road is Peppermint Schnapps and Valium pts 1- 4 on soundcloud.DSCF6824[1]1562594146910.jpg